Our next public events

Our next public events

Check out our next events!

Story Exchange: The story exchange is a dynamic experience in practicing deep listening and storytelling in order to spark curiosity, break down stereotypes, and build empathy and togetherness

Intro to N4: The purpose of this live session is to learn about the history, mission, vision and purpose of Narrative 4 and how it can benefit your school or community.

Skillful Intervention: The Purpose of this live session is to consider potential challenging behaviors and practice skillful interventions in real-time with a trained Narrative 4 Trainer. This session is only available to participants who have completed a face-to-face or virtual facilitator training and a story exchange.


Our next dates:

  • November 20 - 8AM-8:30AM: Intro to N4
  • November 21 - 10AM-12PM: Virtual Story Exchange
  • November 22 - 6-8PM: Skillful Intervention
  • November 27 - 9-11AM: Skillful Intervention
  • November 28 - 5-5:30PM: Intro to N4
  • December 4 Intro. to N4 10AM-10:30 AM
    December 5 Skillful Intervention 5PM-7 PM
    December 6 Virtual Facilitator Training: Session A 8PM-11PM
    December 7 Virtual Facilitator Training: Session B 8PM-11PM
    December 11 Skillful Intervention 9AM-11AM
    December 12 Virtual Story Exchange 8AM-10AM
    December 13 Intro to N4 12PM-12:30PM
    December 14 Virtual Story Exchange 7PM-9PM
    December 4 - 10AM-10:30AM: Intro. to N4
  • December 5 - 5PM-7 PM: Skillful Intervention
  • December 11 - 9AM-11AM: Skillful Intervention
  • December 12 - 8AM-10AM: Virtual Story Exchange
  • December 13 - 12PM-12:30PM: Intro to N4
  • December 14 - 7PM-9PM: Virtual Story Exchange


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