From Awareness to Positive Action

Drawing from the fields of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience, this self-paced course will teach you how to develop greater self-awareness and how to show up in more positive ways for others. To give you time to practice all the tools provided, we suggest pacing one lesson per week.
Session 1: How do we construct our reality?
Session 2: How can I cultivate curiosity?
Session 3: How can I focus on hearing others?
Session 4: How can I imagine possibilities beyond what I know?
Session 5: How do I move from awareness to positive action?

Meet Your Instructor

Gianna Cassetta is the co-author of Classroom Management Matters: The Social and Emotional Learning Approach That Children Deserve, No More Taking Away Recess and Other Problematic Discipline Practices, and The Caring Teacher: Strategies for Working Through Your Own Difficulties with Students. She began her teaching career in New York City, where she became one of the first 25 National Board Certified Teachers in the state. Her passion for education led her to co-found and lead a public to charter conversion school in Harlem, NYC, which outperformed the district it was housed in as well as the city. She helped launch the Office of School Reform and Innovation at Denver Public Schools, where she shepherded aspiring school leaders through a new school application and start up process, before starting her own school in Far Northeast Denver. Gianna has led statewide professional development initiatives and consulted nationally. She is a certified Goleman EI Emotional Intelligence Coach and an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach. Contact her at


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