Student Voices: Hearing Other People’s Stories Changes Us

“I’m from an Arabic background, I was taught at a young age that as a man, I should not be empathic, that I should not cry or be ‘soft’. So, when offered the opportunity to join Narrative 4 last year, I declined and thought that “empathy and storytelling were not for me.” Ezzaddin

“Empathy is the way that we have always survived as a species and is possibly the greatest expression of our nature. What people don't understand is the lengths oppressors and institutions go to in order to suppress the natural human desire to love, support, uplift each other. So much of our media and institutions are built around violence, chaos, destruction. In many societies, even sharing affection openly is taboo. When was the last time you turned on the TV (or streaming service) and saw two people hugging? A plot line that involved care and compassion, support and encouragement? As artists and inventors, we have to create the world we want to see.”Revolt

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