Action Research, Ernest Morrell

Every young person has the right and potential to become empowered changemakers in their school, neighborhood, and/or community and Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) is the means to make it happen. Students decide what is most disconcerting in their lives, develop as researchers, and use their intellect and passion to address real-world problems to change the lived experiences of those they care about. Since the youth researchers are deciding on the topic of research, they are automatically more invested than if an adult was telling them what to research. The role of the adult is to guide the students to become highly competent researchers, support their intellectual growth, nurture their interests and ideas, and help them to develop the critical literacy skills that are transformational and transferable to other aspects in their lives. While the work of the research has the potential for real-world change, the most powerful aspect of YPAR is the impact it has on the overall growth of youth researchers.” Ernest Morrell